Tue 19 November 2013 | tags: python, abc, interface, stdlib, -- (permalink)

Part 1 of an investigation of lesser known modules of the Python standard library

Tue 12 February 2013 | tags: python, oss, planning, -- (permalink)

My steps in creating a new Python package, from concept to announcement.

Sun 10 February 2013 | tags: python, buffer, memoryview, -- (permalink)

A tutorial on buffer and memoryview and the ugliness in 2.7.

Thu 07 February 2013 | tags: python, len, -- (permalink)

A relatively in-depth look at the implications of finding the len of an object.

Wed 02 January 2013 | tags: virtualenvwrapper, python, virtualenv, vim, -- (permalink)

Using virtualenvwrapper to manage virtual environments

Tue 08 November 2011 | tags: jni.h, jpype, neo4j, python, building jpype, neo4j-embedded, -- (permalink)

Fixing fatal error: jni.h: No such file or directory